Swaranjit Kaur Wraich

Swaranjit Kaur Wraich is Film Producer and Managing Director of Redi Productions Pvt Ltd.  She closely monitors all the work of films from pre production till distribution.

Parvinder Singh Wraich

Parvinder Singh Wraich is script writer and film director. He is very talented and passionate film maker. 

Vinamarjot S Wraich

Vinamarjot Singh Wraich is an actor. He has shown his acting talent in three Hindi feature films as second lead and as leading actor in one Hindi Movie. He is very talented and hardworking actor. 

Harkiran Kaur Wraich
Distribution Head

Harkiran Kaur is Business Graduate and is Film Distribution of of Redi Productions. During film productions she actively works as creative head. She also takes keen interest in acting.

Happy BanMajra
Production Head

Sarabjeet Singh aka Happy Banmajra is Film Production Head of Redi Productions. He is very hardworking and talented professional. 

Tinku Gupta

Tinku Gupta is Cinematographer at Redi Productions. He has very power full camera skills.  

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